The system (including class blogs) uses Google Apps for Education. Every member of staff, all pupils and governors are provided with accounts. Our accounts are technically Google Accounts which are controlled by the school. Only Google Accounts that are controlled by us are allowed to gain access to the administrative areas of any of the blogs or staff areas.

Please note that only staff, pupils and governors of Holy Trinity Rosehill can log in to this system. However, you do not need a account to post comments on class blogs. We ask children to sign in before making comments for ease of use. However, parents and other visitors are able to comment without signing in.

Common errors when trying to access

Cannot access account (incorrect username or password)
All user accounts end with All staff and children have a base username e.g. joe15 but they must add to the end of it when accessing any of the sites and services.

User does not exist error
If you are logged into your own Google account at home and try to login to it will tell you that your account does not exist. This is a security feature which blocks unauthorised access. To gain access to in this instance you would need to go to then sign out of your Google Account (top right hand corner of the screen). You will then be able to access

Cookie Session Mismatch
This is problem can be fixed by simply clicking ‘sign into’ again.