Home Access Update


The Pupil Learning Hub has been updated to include home access to Linguascope. Linguascope is a service which supports you in the learning of Modern Foreign Languages including French and German. Visit the Pupil Learning Hub to find out more.

100 Word Challenge – Week 6

For Week#6 we are back to part of a sentence for this week. Remember the prompt can go anywhere in your work BUT it must make sense and be the prompt as it is written. It is:

…it felt like..

Before you start writing think of all the things you can touch & how they feel. What fabulous words can you think of to describe what you are experiencing. It might be an idea to close your eyes before you start and try touching a few things but make sure they are not harmful!

Trinity Site Computer Suite

dellcomputerWe are very fortunate to be able to have new computers in the Trinity Computer Suite. Please remember the following rules when working in the computer suite:

  1. Headphones are attached to all computers and they should not be unplugged. The headphones should be placed back on the monitors at the end of each session.
  2. The monitors are touch screen but there is no need to touch the screens. Also, monitors should not be moved or adjusted as this has led to breakages in the past.
  3. Please ensure that keyboards and mice are left in a tidy manner at the end of the session.
  4. Please remember to log-off the computers when you have finished using them.
  5. Please ensure that all pencils and workbooks are put away at the end of each session and that the suite is left how it was found.

Thank you.

100 Word Challenge – Week 26

The prompt this week is:

…as they turned the corner…

Do think about your story before you start to write. A plan can help make sure you get in all your ideas and that they make sense. When you have written it, ‘mumble’ read it to yourself to check that it says what you think it does!

Please post your entry to your class blog by Friday 20th March.

100 Word Challenge – Week 25

100WCthumb.jpgThis week the prompt is five words that you must put into your piece of writing. This means you should use 105 words altogether. They are:


If you can, try to highlight the word so that your readers can see you have used them all.

Please submit your entries by Friday 13th March 2015.

Login Issues

We have had some reports of issues with logging into htrschool.net. Our online learning system incorporates Google Apps for Education and therefore uses Google Apps accounts as logins. These Google Accounts are hosted by Google but operated and managed by Holy Trinity Rosehill. Within this system we have e-safety systems in place which monitor all email activity and provide children with safe access to online resources.

When you login to the online learning hub you will need to use the full username of the account you are trying to access. For example:


The “@htrschool.net” must be added after the username in order for the account to be recognised and validated. Please note that personal Google Accounts will not work with the htrschool.net system.

This is a new resource which has been custom built for our school – as a result there may be some initial teething problems. If you are encountering issues with logging into the system then please take a look at this page for further information. Further support can be offered via email.

Mr M. Waller
E-Learning Leader at Holy Trinity Rosehill

UPDATE – 12/2/15
Please note that Purplemash accounts are now activated for all children in our school (including Reception classes). Education City home access is currently only available to children in KS2.

100 Word Challenge – Week 20

The 100 Word Challenge is all about supporting each other so if you post an entry this week, do make sure you go and visit another posts and leave a supportive comment.

The prompt this week is five words, all of which need to be in your writing. It doesn’t matter what order they come in but they must all be there. The words are:

Sandwich   Grey   Miserable   Hyena   Climb

The form will close on 7th February

5 Sentence Challenge – Prompt 8

5sc-colouredThe first prompt of the year is a theme:

… The Wild Wind…

I want you to think carefully what it might be like if the weather was wild and windy. What might happen? What would it feel like? Take care with your sentences and make sure they have full stops and capital letters. Read through them to make sure they make sense!

The form will close on Friday 16th January. Please submit your entry to your class blog.